GatorMail - v7.10.0 - December 2018

What's Enhanced:

CG-255 —  Added functionality to all contact data exports for what fields are included in the export.

CG-4281 — Exposed character set options for CSV imports to help allow for foreign ansi characters being imported.

CG-5080 — Added "Paid" and "Attended" column to the events grid to show quickly counts for the event in these areas.  Also created new activity reports for events allowing performance review alongside the campaign and survey reports.

What's Fixed:

CG-3986 — Move the campaign end date check from for trigger campaigns to check it at the campaign and not repeat the check for every recipient too.

CG-4105 — Fixed CSS path for send to a friend and placed html in an IFrame so CSS only applies to the email preview.

CG-4721 — Error message displaying when inbox checker is run in quick campaign.

CG-4947 — GoToWebinar integration creates the webinar an hour after the time set in the event.

CG-4948 — Fixes for DataSync, Campaign Integration and Salesforce integration where queue records for events and tracking were failing to go back due to the queries not catering for the historical data. 

CG-4951 — Added validation to the integration field mappings grid when adding a mapping, to check that the CommuniGator field is not already being used in the active entities mappings.

CG-4960 — Added warnings to ensure group description and name is filled when creating groups.

CG-4963 — Sugar integration not ignoring blank fields from CRM (GM Integration API).

CG-4966 — Time zone is not taken in to account when GatorMail considers if a campaign is finished.

CG-4979 — Dynamics DataSync - Add support for dynamics CRM11 tenant & API URL.

CG-4992 — Changed the Web Capture results to show all submitted fields and not just the ones that have changed.

CG-4993 — Export all contacts who clicked on link in Campaign results doesn't work.

CG-4996 — Activity Reports are showing bad campaign start dates.

CG-5000 — Issue with folders location not being persisted in email tab of campaigns.

CG-5001 — Removed beta logo's for GatorCreator in GatorMail.

CG-5006 — Improved performance of landing zone tracking by removing domain suppression checks.

CG-5003 — Removed some system fields from the contact update audit.

CG-5007 — Update sender domain settings for campaigns enabling the LZ URL drop down when multiple sender domains are active.

CG-5010 — Added "" to the business email address regular expression.

CG-5016 — Changed select screen page load so the selected folder is at the top of the left hand scroll bar. 

CG-5023 — Fixed issue with Whatfix code bleeding in to html editor.

CG-5039 — Improved the speed of processing RSS campaigns by lowering the times we loop through an RSS feed if connecting to it fails.  

CG-5047 — Change select screens to not save persistence when impersonating.

CG-5048 — Stopped adding CRM_Pers_Undeliverable integration queue records when the value has not changed from bounce processing.

CG-5050 — Unable to pre-fill Landing Zone web captures in GC due to issue in GatorMail java-script.