GatorMail - v7.1.19 - September 2017

What's Enhanced

Web Capture HTML Form - Revised the templates available to give a fully featured template by default including GatorLeads integration.

SDK - Created two new SDK methods to help move insert contacts and trigger CRM integration queue records.

                - UploadContactDatasetAddRemoveOnGroup

                - UpdateCRMContact

                - InsertCRMContact

What's Fixed

[07755K2R4,10174D9D7:3659]  Fixed an issue viewing campaign results when not on page 1 of the campaign select screen.

 [11487H9W9:3839]  Fixed an issue with split tests sending on the most recent engagement date by mistake.

 [12875M0G5:3854]  Fixed an issue showing the "Audience Select" button on the campaign send test button.  As long as the audience has been counted and has more than 0 contacts it will appear.

 [13042J2P2:3857]  Fixed an issue opening very old campaigns due to missing data on new campaign fields.

 [13642K5N4,13659B2W1,13939K6Q3:3898]  Fixed an issue with copying emails from the "Email" tab of the campaign setup screen.

 [Internal:3896]  Changed the Workbooks activity type "Web Page View" to "Click Through".

 [Internal:3875]  Added a prefix to groups created by the DataSync to indicate thats where the group came from.  Prefix will be "Sync Group for: "

 [Internal:3874]  If there is only one entity found in the DataSync connector mapping screen, we do not show drop downs anymore for selecting the entity.

 [Internal:3890]  Resolved an issue with the send order for campaigns.  Static and refresh type campaigns send via the most recent engagement date of the audience.  This helps boost deliverability by creating more positive engagement on a campaign send.  Split test campaigns send on a random audience.  Trigger sends, workflow sends and follow up sends obey their own logic too.

 [Internal:3845]  Added support for GatorSurvey to send back results to CRM integrations.

 [Internal:3862]  Created a new SDK method called UploadContactDatasetAddRemoveOnGroup, that can be used to insert contacts into a group from the group ID.

 [Internal:3885]  Created two new SDK methods called UpdateCRMContact and InsertCRMContact, that can insert or update a contact but trigger the CRM integration queue record as well.

 [Internal:3886]  Added the UserAgent and IP Address into the opens and all hits export for campaign results.