GatorMail - v7.1.18 - August 2017

What's New

Web Capture HTML Form - We have created a new way to build web captures that output form code, which you can take and put onto your website directly. No iFrame needed. Simply select the contact fields to display, set the form submission settings and get the code to send on to your web developer. Using the form web capture builder has several advantages over the traditional method. For example, as you no longer need to use an iFrame, it is far more compatible with browsers and devices. With form code you also have full control over the styling.

What's Fixed

[09443Y0H7:1874]  Added a Save and Close button to the "Contact Detail" screen.

 [06082G9H6:3561]  When attaching an email to a campaign it is now possible to set the alias without having to attach it and edit it afterwards.

 [06438G4Z3:3568]  Fixed an issue preventing "Company" field from saving on the contact screen.

 [10801H1B3:3785]  Fixed an issue preventing follow up results from being accessed.

 [10773Q6B3:3796]  Set a limit on number of contact fields that can be created.  The default is 200.

 [11761X1D2:3818]  Updated and renamed the Recaptcha Api key help URL.

 [11740B2K4:3821]  Fixed an issue accessing the email when its name had a pair of single quotes.

 [12441F7C6:3843]  Fixed an issue exporting WebCapture results on a campaign for customers who created a contact field called "EmailAddress".

 [Internal:3787]  Changed contact field creation to actually make a datetime type field if the user selects a "date" field.

 [Internal:3802]  Fixed an issue where you could enter the full email address in the setup for a QuickCampaign when the customer instance has forced sending domains.

 [Internal:3805]  Changed the SendForensics email send to only send the HTML version unless the customer explicitly selects "text".