GatorMail - v7.1.7 - July 2016

What's Enhanced

  • Campaign Results - We have re-developed the look and feel of the campaign results screen.  The structure is largely the same so everything you look for will be in its same place.  But we have made the following key changes...

- Results URL can now be completely controlled by you.  Choose what tabs are visible, password protected for security, and setup multiple urls if you need to control access differently depending who you sent it to.

- A new follow up tab if the campaign has follow ups.  Showing the amount sent per follow up, when it last sent, and exportable contact lists.  It will be much easier to tell if your follow up has sent.  

- An updated creative tab now including clicks from surveys, events and calendar links.  The page has also been re-designed so stop any of the statistic overlays being an issue.

- Added tooltips to all the statistics in the overview expanded results to explain each and how it is calculated.

What's Fixed:

[57272,57527:1617] - Re-developed the campaign results Creative tab with a new look and feel.  The statistics overlay is no longer an issue.

[61991:3177] - Changed the description of campaign click results for View in Browser hits to say that instead of "Landing Zone".

[64980:2573] - Fixed a bug with Mandatory fields and default values in landing zone web capture forms

[69445:2685] - Added exports to the campaign split test results so you can get the contacts who were Sent, Opened or Clicked a link for each split test design.

[70583:2728] - Re-developed the campaign results Creative tab with a new look and feel.  The statistics not showing is no longer an issue.

[71405:2776] - Last Send Date will now update when refreshing campaign results stats

[72479:2818] - Export of email opens now includes the UserAgent details allowing you to see the complete device information for the contact who opened it.

[76456:2962] - Updated the campaign results Creative tab making sure it includes calendar links for its new look.

[76856:2990] - Added a new tab to campaign results when it has follow ups attached to it.  You can now see the status of those follow ups and whether they have sent.

[77614:3039] - Updated the campaign results Creative tab making sure it includes event links for its new look.

[78085:3065] - Updated the campaign results Creative tab making sure it includes survey links for its new look.

[78091:3066] - The Creative tab for the campaign results now shows all survey hits and not just completed surveys.

[78681,78949:3118] - Fixed an issue with the opt out calculation for activity reports.

[78713:3115] - Fixed a bug when viewing split test results using the results URL view.

[78970:3148] - Fixed an issue with the survey submit button not aligning correctly if you don not have any questions on the page.

[79019:3149] - Removed the LinkedIn contact functionality from the product as the integration to LinkedIn is no longer available.

[79301:3127] - Changed the size of the alert dialog displaying the result of the auto link tracking so that the message is displayed clearly.

[79377:3175] - Changed the default style sheet URL used when previewing a display from the instances landing zone URL to the admin site URL.

[79417:3202] - Fixed an issue in the Editor where Css Files weren't detected if they started with a number.

[79483:3206] - Fixed a styling issue with the spam filter scores covering up the tabs of the inbox checker results.

[79528:3211] - Fixed a typo on the history tab for the integration page

[Internal:2454] - Removed duplicated text "Via (Browser Name)"  in Live Feed for campaign results

[Internal:3098] - Each statistic on the campaign overview now has a tooltip explaining itself how it was calculated.

[Internal:2978] - Updated display modal for the Create Group options in Campaign Results.

[Internal:3113] - Updated the results URL giving user control on what is available within it.  You can enable or disable each tab, password protect the page, and edit existing results URLs if you change your mind later.  Please note passwords are mandatory thus securing your valuable data.

[Internal:3172] - Updated the "Live Feed" page to fit with new look and feel of the campaign results.

[Internal:3173] - The conversions tab from the campaign results has been removed from the product.

[Internal:3176] - Added exports for the campaign results browser breakdown graphs so you can get a list of the contacts with their browser.

[Internal:3152] - Removed the "max length" attribute for the password textbox when logging in as it created inconsistencies across browsers

[Internal:3130] - Fixed an issue copying HTML from one instance to another, and then editing tracked links within the new instance email.

[Internal:2699] - Changed the message id used in the outgoing email to include the sender domain.

[Internal:3167] - Fixed an issue with the image manager loading images when the instance was set to a US date format.

[Internal:3203] - Added a redirection to the selected home page when trying to view a landing zone, email or web capture page which does not exist.

[Internal:3166] - Displayed an article blocks associated template identifier in a new tab named "Block Details" in the article block dialog.

[Internal:3150] - Added new subject line functionality to follow up edit screen.