GatorMail - v7.1.5 - May 2016

What's New

  • GoToWebinar - GotoWebinar is now integrated into our events functionality (GatorEvents). You can now set everything up ahead of time and let CommuniGator take care of the details while you focus on your event. The CommuniGator with GoToWebinar integration makes it possible to.

- Create a webinar within GatorEvents

- Attached/Copy a current/previous webinar

- Create bespoke landing pages to register attendees through CommuniGator

- Send confirmation (with unique URL), reminders, follow-up emails and nurture attendees all through GatorMail

- Never import or export another CSV file of webinar leads again

- Get booking and attendee data back into your CRM

What's Enhanced

  • Time and Day Based Sending - We have added some new handy options into the time and day based sending.  You can now manage everyday, weekdays and weekends as a group instead of having to add your time ranges individually for each day.  
  • HTML Editor Manager Popups - We have updated the Image / Document / Media / Flash manager popups with a few tweaks to make them much more usable.  The changes are...

- Better size that dynamically changes based on your resolution.

- A filter to search for folders and images.

- Default order by filename but a new Create Date column can be clicked to sort by that if needed.

- Paging through images is back.

  • HTML Editor Tracked Links - After any of our tracked links have been inserted and you wish to edit them.  It is now possible to simply click in the link text and then click the "Insert Web Link" for example.  The link editor popup will auto select the text for you.  You no longer need to select the whole link yourself.

What's Fixed:

[55003,74304,77388:2152] - Fixed a problem with ambersands causing exports to fail for campaign results click exports.

[56553:2237] - Fixed an issue converting the HTML email into the TEXT email for social media links.  The links now pull the social media type so the converted links have a label.

[63815:2551] - Changed the snapshot process to also create a snapshot of a freshly copied creative.

[69393,73290,74680,75341,77680:2693] - Fixed an issue with adding web links to images when there is a style display block in the HTML.

[71748,77987:2790] - Fixed an issue with the web capture recaptcha not working if the web capture was put in an iframe on your website.

[74404:2861] - Fixed an issue uploading HTML templates with background images in the creative.

[76921:2997] - Fixed an issue with the dietary information not being included in the event attendee register.

[77101:3006] - Fixed an issue with the campaign results unsubscribe count not matching for the overview and the export.

[77205:3052] - Fixed an issue inserting weblinks in Safari.

[77281:3013] - Fixed an issue loading the results url for inbox checkers.

[77449,77663:3018] - Fixed an issue download the csv files from Web Capture results.

[77485:3055] - Fixed an issue inserting links on images or other selectable items in Internet Explorer 11.

[77544:3048] - Fixed an issue in the editor with html being added to the email when email manipulation has been turned off.

[77562:3027] - Fixed an issue with the initiate check screen not showing the correct campaign email alias.

[77922,77917:3059] - Fixed an issue adding an additional delegate to an event booking.

[78184:3079] - Merge content added in the short and long descriptions is now displayed on the event booking screen.

[Internal:2970] - Added GoToWebinar integration with our Events functionality.  You can create and attach Webinars.  Send confirmation emails with joining URLs and more.

[Internal:2976] - Fixed a survey preview error.

[Internal:3000] - Changed the Salesforce integration config to not require the trailing \ for the DocumentSource which can be easily missed.

[Internal:3026] - Added the Gator.SignOn button back to the product login page so that if a session was ever lost and you returned to the login screen.  You can get back into SSO easier.

[Internal:3030] - Updated the editor manager popups (image, document, media etc) so they autosize based on the users screen resolution, have a search option, and can be sorted by create date.

[Internal:3033] - Resized the CSS / Colour picker popups to remove unnecessary scroll bars.

[Internal:3042] - Altered the HTML upload to ignore hyphens in the file name, but convert any image hyphens to underscores if present.  This is instead of rejecting the upload completely and now makes uploads easier.

[Internal:3036] - Changed the colour pickers "none" selection to a new icon as it looked exactly the same as the white colour, and so looked like you were setting it white to clear any colour.

[Internal:3097] - Fixed an issue in the HTML upload when you upload images to the image folder but dont include a CSS file in zip.