GatorMail - v7.1.3 - March 2016

v7.1.3 - IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of this version CommuniGator no longer supports Internet Explorer versions that Microsoft themselves do not support.  The product still works in older version, but we will not continue development on them.

What's Enhanced

Contacts - Added a new field to store the most recent engagement date for each contact.  Any click activity will update this date automatically.  You can use it to create groups and send campaigns based on recent engagement (or lack of).  The field is called "MostRecentEngagementDate".

Web Capture - When a contact clicks into your web capture we can now auto populate information from previous submissions they have done.  This is a configurable option when creating the submit button should you not want to enable it.

Import CSV - We have improved the speed of importing CSVs into brand new groups, by removing checks to see if the contacts being imported are already in the group.

What's Fixed:

[33695:1269] - Removed the hard coded centre alignment for the footer section of a survey.

[36342,47010:1441] - Changed the order of questions in the exported csv file for survey results.  It is now in the order they appear on the survey rather than the order the questions were added.  

[46248:1835] - When returning to the contact selection screen the product now remembers your search criteria if any was used before clicking into the contact.  

[47753:1873] - When an event link is clicked if there is not already an open tracking record, we now add one automatically.  This already happens for landing zones, web links and surveys etc.

[53584:2108] - Fixed an error when selecting another article block after adding an article from a search result to a different article block.

[57332,62889:2379] - Corrected the sort order for date columns in the activity report.

[63253:117] - Prevented a survey being set to anonymous when the survey uses page or question conditions.  Conditions require knowledge of what a person has answered during the flow of the survey.  But anonymous surveys do not the person.  

[65822,75058:2592] - Fixed an issue in campaign results with exporting unsubscribes returning a blank CSV if the unsubscribe was setup with a survey.

[69343:2672] - Fixed an issue with customers using a timezone offset where campaigns could send in the wrong hour due to the UK timezone change to BST and visa versa.  The date check now uses a UTC date.

[74007:2849] - Increased the textbox sizes of the article block editor font sizes control.

[74385:2862] - Changed the chart label on the Overview tab for our campaign results, from "Hits" to "Web + Landing Zone Hits".  There was some confusion with this graph and the two graphs on the browser breakdown tab.

[74422,74309:2867] - Changed the product login to auto redirect a user to the Single Signon login if their user had been associated with an SSO account.  

[74555:2874] - Increased the size of the textbox for managing folders on our select screens.  

[74614:2879] - Changed the password visibility on the Integration Admin screen to only show when the logged in user has either the role UserAdmin or Admin.

[74761:2882] - Fixed an issue with selecting the upper most top left colour in the colour picker.  This fix was an update to the Telerik controls used in the editor.

[75072:2889] - Fixed an issue with document links not working if you had inserted them via the hyperlink manager and then using the autotrack links function.  

[75311:2894] - Changed CSV imports to allow data over 255 characters to be imported.  Note: the actual field within CommuniGator must also be updated to allow more than 255 characters.

[75587:2907] - Fixed an issue with when using a drop down within a web capture, and then adding values that contain apostrophes.  

[75710:2914] - Fixed an issue with completed surveys in the data cleanse.  First we only show surveys where the summary approval is set to "Auto Fill Summary Approval".  Second we fixed an issue where some surveys did not appear in when they should have.

[75843:2913] - Updated the date selector for group rules so you can set dates before 1980.

[75911:2919] - Fixed an issue with campaigns un-initiating themselves if you have another tab open in the campaign setup before initiating it where you cause a save after it has been initiated.

[75962:2920] - Fixed an issue with event merge fields within the custom content area for event setup.  We also removed the person merge fields as they dont work and should not be there.

[76065:2937] - Fixed an issue with survey results not adding up to the number of contacts the campaign sent to.  We were accidentally removing the total unique undelivered count twice from the "Not Accessed Surveys" result.

[76327:2957] - Fixed an issue with custom event templates showing an error when selected in the event setup.  

[76399,76529:2968] - Updated our Salesforce integration to support TLS 1.1 as Salesforce are turning off support for 1.0 in June 2016.

[Internal:896] - When using conditional notifications for surveys, campaign surveys, and landing zones. We have restricted the mail-from input to use the configured domain that you see for selecting a campaign sender email address.  If however your instance is not configured to have a selectable sender address, the conditional notifications remain free input text boxes.

[Internal:2246] - Fixed an error opening a contact record if the display name for one of the contact attributes was added blank.

[Internal:2335] - Added checks to the initiate check screen for email selection criteria that might be missing.

[Internal:2779] - Fixed an issue with the view of the events list within the events deploy to web functionality.  

[Internal:2855] - For our Goldmine integration we have added a configurable option, to make updates of secondary contact fields that don’t exist, to the primary record instead.

[Internal:2869] - Improved the speed of closing most pages of the application when just clicking the Close button.

[Internal:2886,2887] - Updated our JQuery versions in the products to the latest version.

[Internal:2924] - Changed the colour in the recent menu for the empty space to not turn grey if you highlight any text in the menu.

[Internal:2948] - Added a checkbox on the web capture submit button to enable or disable the auto fill information from previous submissions by that contact.

[Internal:2952] - Improved the speed of importing CSVs into brand new and empty groups by removing the check for people in the CSV already existing in the group.

[Internal:2963] - Added new contact field MostRecentEngagmentDate to store their latest click activity.