GatorMail - v7.1.2 - February 2016

What's Enhanced

Added greater control over the HTML Editor and your HTML, with a new system framework settings, that disables some of the auto fixing on your HTML.  The setting is called "EnableConvertToXHTML" and be turned off at support request.  However you will need to make sure your HTML works as you expect after the change.

Split test campaign results now allow you to select the email design to see for the creative tab.

Added support to change the character set used for import CSVs for the Gator instance.  This allows imports of some foreign characters that would have otherwise imported incorrectly.  The setting can be changed at support request.  

Changed the main Gator menu to an on click rather than hover over for all expandable menu items.  If you prefer the hover over it can be changed back.

SDK - The following methods have been added to our SDK:

  • UploadContactDatasetIntoGroupReturnContactState - Upload contacts into a group and return whether the contact was inserted or updated as well as the group ID uploaded into.
  • ContactBusinessObjects - Return all fields that make up the contact table.

What's Fixed:

[43887:1743] - Fixed an issue with campaigns at an approval state being stuck in that state if the campaign approval functionality was turned off without approving them.

[46186,73611:1859] - Fixed the campaign results showing unsubscribe surveys (where the campaign unsubscribe uses a survey) in the actual results.  The survey tab had logic around it to only show when the campaign knew it had a survey attached.  It was ignoring unsubscribe surveys however.

[47182,71171:1856] - Added the ability to select the email design on the campaign results creative tab for split tests.

[48366:1892] - Fixed an issue with users accessing the survey on behalf of the recipient within the campaign results.  That access would trigger a live click implying the actual recipient had performed the action.  Now manual submissions do not count in the campaign results that actual recipient did it.

[51199,54527,62752,64830,67028,68086:2036,2833] - Fixed an issue with the click to open rate showing a negative result on the activity reports csv export.  Also updated the percentages to show 2 decimal places which matches the main campaign results stats.

[55082,70609:2159,2723] - Added a new framework key called "EnableConvertToXHTML" that when enabled, the ConvertToXHTML filter will be enabled in the editor and fixes the unwanted html changes.  For example in Firefox the editor enters a break tag for table cell contents, when flipping to the design and back to the HTML.

[64781:2640] - Fixed an issue with the campaign results creative tab not loading statistics for a survey button.

[66598:2618] - Fixed an issue where an invalid event reminder could fail to send and then stop any further event reminders from being tried themselves.

[67992:2643] - Fixed an issue with the "Surveyed" activity report count.  It will now match the number of completed surveys on the campaign results.

[68053:2644] - Fixed an issue exporting from the contacts section when the search criteria used a % wildcard.

[69264:2673] - Added a error message when trying to add a contact to the system via the Contact screen, when a contacts email address already existed.  

[71068:2773] - Fixed an issue with the top options for the image manager popup not showing.

[71176,71207:2757] - Fixed an issue with the web capture not adding contacts to a group, or creating a new group, if the "Only allow one entry per contact" checkbox is ticked.

[71364,73618:2845] - Fixed an issue with contacts not appearing on the survey accessed list if they had just clicked into a survey but not submitted any pages.  They did appear fine if they had submitted at least one page, but that does not help single page surveys.

[71375:2771] - Fixed an issue with the initiate check screen having to much spacing and a large middle gap due to the Gator 2015 skin.

[71379:2772] - Redesigned the split test results tab of the campaign results for the new Gator 2015 skin to fit better.

[71394:2774] - Fixed an issue when inserting a tracked link in an image, where the link is added to the side of the image and not the image itself.

[71474:2777] - Added more control for the character sets when importing CSV files so it can be changed from our default of 65001.  We have now added two framework keys to give us more control over the import character sets.  EnableCsvCharacterSet set as 'True' or 'False'.  If set to true we then use the framework key CsvCharacterSet.  This has a field which has the character set to use.  If EnableCsvCharacterSet is false then we do not use a character set.

[71477:2778] - Fixed an issue with using a contact merge field for the target or a tracked link when the url within the contact field did contained "http:".  The code assumed it had to add that for you.


[71602:2783] - Added a confirmation popup when choosing the winning design for a split test.

[71682:2787] - Fixed an error when sending an email with an article block, where if the block lost its ID number, an error would occur.  We now show a graceful error message when sending a test email or when the article block settings are accessed.

[71756:2803] - Removed the Google Maps API popup from the Reporting -> Analytics functionality.  The API has been retired by Google.

[71757:2791] - Fixed an issue in a survey when replacing the Next link with an image.  Instead of the image you get the URL of the image. This only happens when the submit link is NOT an image.

[71780:2795] - Fixed a problem with the campaign results live feed with showing too many hits on a survey if the same survey was used in multiple campaigns, and had hits on all of them.

[71781:2838] - Changed web capture submissions to log all data being sent up.  Previously changed or non-blank submissions were being ignored, so the logging for this did not have an accurate way to see what was actually submitted.

[71804:2792] - Fixed an issue with the lead score number being too small to actually see the number in the new Gator 2015 skin.

[71870:2802] - Fixed an issue where campaign names with double spaces have the spaces reduced to a single space when displayed in the campaign list.

[71908:2804] - Updated the SDK Workflow app (not GatorWorkflow) to not upload contacts when the unique ID for the data was not found.  Also fixed a problem with it fields having a number / character combination over 15 characters in length.

[72114:2805] - Fixed an issue with multitenancy environments so the root admin user only sees user logins for instances that still exist.  

[72219:2810] - Fixed an error page appearing when not setting a landing zone template for an article block, but then trying to use a landing zone based article in the email.

[72418:2815] - Fixed an issue with the contact screen not showing the correct list of the last 5 campaigns for the contact.

[72468:2812] - Changed the locked out message so that it tells the user, that doing a password reset will also unlock it.

[72634:2820] - Fixed a "Too many redirects" error on the events custom template selection.

[72959:2828] - Fixed an issue exporting the survey results to CSV for split test campaigns.  

[73024:2826] - Fixed an issue with the Survey results "viewing the completed survey" when the same survey has been attached to the campaign more than once, but with different page numbers, and where the survey is anonymous.

[73449:2842] - Changed the campaign sending logic to not send a campaign if the campaign has neither a group attached, or any selection criteria.


[73450:2841] - Fixed an issue where you could set more than one email / landing zone / survey to be the default that is attached to a campaign.  You could also set no defaults.  For emails in particular, there must always be a default so we have ensured this, and that only one at a time is the default.  

[73601:2843] - Fixed an issue with copying an email that contains Dynamic Content not perfectly coping the rules within it.

[73667:2846] - Fixed an issue with the sample size for a split test reverting back to a percentage after saving and closing the campaign.

[73778:2848] - Removed the "Document ID" seen in the HTML editors document uploader.  

[73794:2866] - Prevented a time interval of 0 from being used in refresh recurring campaigns.  A time of 0 would infinitely recur and send the campaign over and over.

[73837:2847] - Fixed an issue with attempting to login after the account had been associated with an SSO account.

[74159:2857] - Fixed an issue with contact data not changing for unsubscribes where the contacts email address contained an apostrophe.  Note this only happened if global unsubscribe is enabled which is where all matching email addresses are unsubscribed when one comes in.

[74165:2856] - Changed the auto generated name for integrated groups to shorten the prefixed text, and expanded the width of the group selection drop down.  This should help see the group names easier.  

[74266:2859] - Changed the url lookup for embedded images to force the lookup on HTTP even if the image was on HTTPs.  In some networks HTTPs is configured at an external network device and is not available on the local server.  HTTP is always available internally.

[74590:2875] - Fixed an issue with article rules breaking when using brackets in the rule conditions.

[75172:2905] - Fixed an issue with personalisation disappearing in mergefields when saved on the campaign details.

[Internal:406] - Removed the style tags from the send to a friend control so it is no longer hardcoded to Verdana.  

[Internal:2601] - Fixed an issue where an event rule created in campaign results not displaying the correct count value.

[Internal:2721] - Added exception handling for failed test send records causing all subsequent tests to fail to send.

[Internal:2733] - Fixed an issue with the campaign audience selection criteria doing arithmetic with numeric conditions.  

[Internal:2794] - Added a new SDK method called "ContactBusinessObjects" to return all fields that make up the contact table.

[Internal:2799] - Fixed an issue with new contacts being ignored on the CSV Import when a framework key called "EnableCSVIgnore" was enabled, and the unique import identifier was not set to the crmContactId field.

[Internal:2819] - Fixed an issue saving contacts when user fields had been created for the contact record that were SQL keywords.

[Internal:2830] - Added a new framework key called "EnableMenuOnClick" to change the main Gator top menu so it only appears on click and not a hover over.  This will stop any accidental hover over clicking.

[Internal:2844] - Fixed an issue with the status of wave activities not being updated in Sage CRM Integration when email campaign is complete.

[Internal:2851] - Updated the CRM integration when sending up contact data from the CRM to ignore fields in a new framework key called "ContactFieldsBlockedFromUpdates".  This key is populated with several system fields that should not be updatable by anyone other than the system.

[Internal:2852] - Updated several SDK methods that alter contact data to ignore fields in a new framework key called "ContactFieldsBlockedFromUpdates".  This key is populated with several system fields that should not be updatable by anyone other than the system.

[Internal:2854] - Fixed an issue with the SDK method "ReturnWebHits" not returning click data on HTTPs urls.

[Internal:2863] - Fixed an issue when using the autosignin login to redirect to SSO if the account is associated with a SSO login.

[Internal:2871] - Fixed some missing images on the survey question conditions popup for the save / close buttons.

[Internal:2872] - Fixed an issue with adding or editing the VAT code for an event.

[Internal:2877] - Created a new SDK method to upload contacts into a group and whether the contact was inserted or updated as well as the group ID uploaded into.  The method is called UploadContactDatasetIntoGroupReturnContactState.

[Internal:2901] - Added GatorLeads tracking into the product to track what people use.