GatorMail - v7.1.0

Release Notes

Activity Reports

- Fixed an issue with follow up campaigns missing from date range campaign activity reports.  The reports only factored in normal campaigns that had an audience.  Not campaigns that never have an audience. 


- Added support for article blocks where the title does not need to be a read more link.  Article templates can now be created where there is no click for the read more or title. 

- Fixed an issue where creating articles would always place them in the root article folder and not the sub folder you were in.

- Updated the regular expression check on a URL for articles to accept the : symbol.

- Fixed a spacing issue where article blocks with no articles would still add a <br/> tag into the design.  Thus adding gaps into your design that could not be removed.

Business Object

- Fixed an issue where users could create business object fields for contacts, where the inputted name matched a system field name, and would then stop you accessing contact records.


- Changed the copy campaign function to set the copied campaign end date to base itself off the campaign defaults rather than copy the parent campaign verbatim.  Obviously copying a campaign that had already ended would result in the new campaign immediately needing an update to make it viable for initiating. 

- Added a duplicate count to the campaign audience count so you can see how many duplicates your campaign has.  If dedupe is enabled, then the final audience will not include the duplicates, but if dedupe is disabled then it will.  Note: Dedupe by default is always enabled and is hidden from the campaign setup so you cannot accidentally change it.  If desired we can enable visibility of the option so per campaign you can control if it should send to duplicate email addresses. 

Campaign Approval

- Updated the campaign approval comments functionality so you can choose who the approval email goes to instead of it being the last person who modified the campaign.  There were times the approver themselves were the last to modify the campaign, and so the approval reply email would not send to the user who requested approval.

Campaign Results

- Fixed an issue when viewing the creative in the results section, of a Gator Express campaign, where you could only see the template itself and not the content in the email.

- Removed tests opens and clicks from the campaign results graph.

- Improved the results count for surveys to give a more accurate count in the view results popup.  We found the popup included results from incomplete surveys and these are now removed.  We then added a new option under accessed but not completed, to view those incomplete responses separately.  Finally we fixed the accessed and completed grids, as they were displaying a record every time someone had accessed or completed the survey, instead of just the last time. 

- Fixed an issue with showing the click stats on the creative tab of campaign results by adding an article block identifier to the main clicks table in the database.

Campaign Series

- Fixed an issue when trying to move campaign series campaigns into a different folder. 

- Added an option for copying campaign series to offer copying all the associated campaigns with it or not. 


- Fixed an issue with saving contact records when fields had been created that contained the string "txt". 


- Added a new email header called "X-Feedback-ID" to comply with new Gmail feedback requirements.


- Fixed an issue with the event reminder email not changing colour on the grid which informed you if they sent successfully.

- Fixed an issue in the event field visibility functionality where enabling the waiting list and then saving would not actually save the fact you wanted a waiting list.

- Fixed an issue where carriage returns could break the java script validation for event booking forms, which resulted in the mandatory checks not working. 

- Fixed an issue in IE9 where you were unable to add multiple payment options for an Event.

- Fixed an error when trying to delete an Event discount.

- Added a new instance framework key for a secure LZ Url that can be used for events.  If a HTTPs url is required just select the one in the dropdown and save it.  All URLs for the event will change to the selected one.

- Fixed an error managing event bookings where account / company information had been added but no email address was provided.  You will now get an alert stating the email address is required to save. 

Follow Ups

- Fixed an issue where follow ups attached to split test campaigns always send to email design B regardless of which design actually won. 

Gator Express

- Fixed an issue when copying Gator Express campaigns where the images were not being pulled through in the copy.


- A new option has been added to the group builder for campaign rules.  You can now create a rule to include contacts for any interaction on the campaign.  This will help with when you want to manage contacts that have clicked any link in a campaign without having to create a rule per link they could have clicked.

- Improved the speed of using our groups functionality by improving the back end database calls for opening the group and / editing group rules. 

- Fixed an issue with opening groups that were created from the "create group from event" button in the campaign results.

- Fixed our GatorGroups to fetch data from the historical email history table as well as the main one. 

- Filtered the operators available for group rules depending on the field type of the contact field.  For example if the datatype is Text, RadioButtonList, DropDown or True/False we hide the >, <, >=, <= operators.  If the type is a number or date these are available to use.  If the type is a number, you can only enter a number.  If the type is a date field, you can only enter a date. 

- Fixed a problem adding an event Attended rule to a group.

HTML Editor

- Prevented spaces and symbols from all folders the product can create in the html editor and the file manager. 

- Fixed an issue with the table style builder within the html editor.  The popup was loaded with styling issues so you could not use it properly. 

- Fixed an issue where tabbing through tables in Internet Explorer would delete table itself if you kept tabbing through the end of the last cell / row in the table.

- Fixed an issue inserting a web link when the product was accessed via a IIS /application/ on a website rather than on the root website.

- Added a tooltip when adding vcabs into your html creative to show the publication name from vcab.  This will help identify the documents should they look the same but have different names.

- Added a new framework key called "EnableEmailManipulation" that when set to False will now stop the editor from manipulating the HTML on save of an email design.  We have changed the editor so that you now have full control over the HTML, HEAD, TITLE and BODY tags, this allows you to create fully functional responsive emails which will work across the majority of email clients and mobile devices which support responsive design. Previously these tags were auto generated by the editor and still will be if they are not present in your design

HTML Upload

- Fixed an issue with HTML uploads where hex colours would break by using a # for the URL place holders in the design.  For example  <a href="#" etc.

Image Upload

- Fixed an issue when uploading an image, where a large amount of tick boxes appear underneath the dialog boxes, and the "overwrite existing" tick box (the first one) cannot be accessed.

Import CSV

- Added a new option within import CSV that allows you to ignore CRM integrated contacts when the import processes its data.   Note: this is a configurable setting and may be invisible until requested.  When hidden imports act as normal. 

Initiate Check Screen

- Fixed an issue with the initiate check screen showing the wrong audience count for its final confirmation when the campaign type was one that did not have an audience.  This could happen when it originally was a type that has an audience, was counted in that type, and then set to a type which then didnt have an audience. 

- Fixed an issue in the initiate check screen where if a SenderAlias or ReplyTo field for the campaign was NULL, it would error.  This only happened for campaigns coming from Gator Express.


- Forced a clear of session cookies when hitting an autosignin or the login screen as flipping between many different instances of the product could remember instance settings from one to the next.

- Updated several areas of the application to handle Unicode characters such as foreign languages (Chinese).  The following parts of the product now support Unicode: CSV Uploads, Web Captures, Contacts Records, Contact Searches, Groups Builder, Events booking forms, Send to a friend, CSV Exports (tested), Audience Selection Criteria, Audience Counts, Audience Count Exports.  An important thing to note however is Microsoft Excel will not save a .csv extension file with unicode.  You will need to use another .csv generating software if you want to maintain your data.

- Fixed an issue with the folders not displaying correctly on iPads.

- Changed the forgotten password reminder to ask for the username and email address as well as force on a password reset on the first login. 

Recent Menu

- Fixed some of the recent menu heading clicks so they loaded the correct pages.  The landing zone one took you to the email screen. 

RSS Campaigns

- New functionality to create RSS driven campaigns.  You can link to external rss feeds or create your own internal feeds using articles.  You can also auto generate articles from external rss feeds to be used in your own internal feeds, which gives you complete control over the external content.  Each external or internal feed is assigned to an article block so you can have as many feeds per email as you want!


- Fixed a problem with the SDK method InitiateCampaign in that it did no check if there was an email attached to the campaign before accepting the initiate request from your call.


- Added logging to our SMS functionality so we can log out everything that happens with the SMS communications to ESENDEX. 

Split Tests

- We have added the ability to control the alias for both designs of a split test so that you can control the page name when it is loaded to the browser. 

- Prevent users without the CMInitiate role from being able to choose the final stage of a split test campaign. 


- Fixed an issue where a Survey could be broken if a question with multiple answers like a radio button, was changed to a textbox type.  You cannot link answers to a textbox question, so the answers left behind were causing an exception.

- Added to the survey copy the expanded state of all pages / questions / answers so that in the copy it was clear the setup had indeed been copied.

- Fixed an issue when copying surveys that had notifications.  The copy would point the new survey at the same notification so editing one notification edited both.

- Fixed an issue when adding a user attribute to a survey query (under the reporting section). 

- Fixed an issue in surveys when you have a dropdown question with a single answer and you try to submit the survey. 


- Changed the product to take you into the survey template setup screen when copying a template instead of just refreshing the screen.

Web Capture

- Changed the way web capture submit buttons are edited from reports that re-editing one would lose styling applied to it.  When using the submit button wizard you will now be promoted if you want to edit one already there.  This re-edit will keep the styling.

- Added a default option to disable the web capture submit button on a landing zone when a second entry is attempted, if only a single entry is allowed.

- Fixed an issue with using check boxes in web captures linked to True/False contact fields.  The values submitted to the contact record were not set correctly to the true and false inputs.