GatorMail - v7.0.6

What's Enhanced

Campaign Results - We have renamed WOW to GatorLeads. If you have GatorLeads setup you will now see a new GatorLeads tab in the Campaign Results, that takes you straight into the website tracking for your campaign.

RunCampaigns - We have enhanced the sending process of CommuniGator when for emails using Dynamic Content and Salutation. Please note, there are still some conditions that will cause a campaign to send slower. The mail merge fast send will only be used if the following are true:

Campaign not using:

Is not a follow-up campaign or a normal campaign that is sending its follow-up

Is not a resend

Triggers where the trigger uses dynamic merge fields

What's Fixed:

[52092:2068] - Fixed a problem with <br /> tags being duplicated in the web capture submit button each time you save and reload it.

[53229:2095] - Added a system wide setting to force emails containing dynamic content or salutation to use the PowerMTA mail merge sending feature. Note this can have serious consequences, as the creation of an email will obey line length standards. But when the dynamic content / salutation is inserted it will go over these limits. Therefore leaving the recipient server to render the content as it sees fit. We have seen AOL can do this within the middle of a URL, effectively breaking a link or image.

[53285,53414:2121] - Fixed an issue with scheduled notifications not getting a fresh update of the campaign results when the notification was set to run. We have now created a background service that is responsible for calculating the campaign results at set times, for a set duration of the campaigns life. This process will keep the campaign results up to date in a new summary table, so when the notification runs it will always get up to date information.

[53630:787] - Changed the mandatory popup warning when submitting a survey so it tells you what question was mandatory that you missed.

[53793:2116] - Fixed an issue with survey exports for accessed but not complete, and not accessed. On the campaign results these exports were warning the user they had to select a survey first, despite it having been selected correctly.

[53972:2118] - Fixed an error when clicking on the status column (for sorting) on the main campaign screen.

[54187:2131] - Fixed an issue on the overview screen where the web hits browser breakdown graph was a duplicate of the opens browser breakdown.

[54216:2136] - Fixed an issue with Dynamic Content and responsive CSS not being compatible due to an extra [ in the class name.

[54274:2149] - Fixed an error when clicking on the pencil edit icon for the field mapping set name.

[54276:2155] - Fixed an issue with the SDK UpdateCampaign method where you cannot add emails to a campaign, it only replaced an existing attached email. This only happened when there is a deleted email on the campaign.

[54308:2141] - Fixed an issue where the final split test send could send early when customers have a timezone offset.

[54547:2145] - Fixed an issue where an activity report would not complete when the report was processing 100s of campaigns.

[54602:2146] - Fixed an issue with the Tools Image Upload failing to add images to an existing folder.

[54632:2153] - Fixed an issue with the live feed tab loading blank content when loaded via the results url.

[54739:2148] - Fixed an issue with saving a contact record not applying the change when the contact has the WOW Last Visit fields populated with data. There was a date time format error causing the save to fail.

[55475,55476:2165] - Fixed an issue with the sent test view all test results option.

[internal:2124] - Changed the campaign results, activity reports, scheduled notifications, and SDK campaign overview calls, to all use a summary statistics table for loading and storing the results.

[internal:2142] - Added a GatorLeads tab to expose WOW into the campaign results if the customer has linked Gator to WOW. Note the setting introduced in v7.0.5 to hide the live feed from the results url also hides GatorLeads.

[internal:2151] - Added the ability to manage multiple GatorSocial accounts. If you have more than one account you can now add them all, and flick between them when using our GatorSocial functionality.