GatorMail - v7.20.0 - September 2020

What's Enhanced:

CG-5974 - Updates to the Complaints Manager to handle new FBL (Feedback loops)

CG-6022 - Dynamics CRM integration - Handling Cancelled & Qualified/Disqualified lead records

CG-6094 -  Add link checking for quick campaigns as it doesn't exist

CG-6098 - Updates to the contact sync to support creating contacts

CG-6163 - Push CRM details to GatorLeads on update via CRM lead creation/contact conversion

CG-6173 - Updated UserAgent Parser for more accurate browser and device detection 

CG-6202 - Add default TEXT version content on creation of an email in GM and Creator

What's Fixed:

CG-6219 - Campaign Details - LandingPage+Email settings not showing when turned on

CG-6166 - Group test erroring - blue screen error (Job based send test)

CG-6200 - GatorMail Smartform 'field data' submission rule help button styling

CG-6072 - Per day batch settings for a campaign needs to obey the time on the campaign start date

CG-6156 - Popup preview not updating when changing GM smart form choice

CG-6092 - Fixed several console errors Chrome

CG-6224 - New Email via Quick Campaign errors when a child folder is chosen

CG-6196 - Error message when creating a new-email design in a campaign split test (CGT-40302)

CG-6106 - Integration queue records for contacts where a "Lead" record exists in the integration queues should be inserted but paused until the lead is processed.

CG-6169 - Smart form submissions including recaptcha data

CG-6164 - Tracked links in submit rule merge fields do not work

CG-6140 - Issue with attributes when downloading export.

CG-6128 - Cannot access smart form results 

CG-6051 - Deliverability Graphs, campaign graph, the click on a campaign to see its stats loads the wrong campaign

CG-6035 - Notification is not sending from campaign landing page built in Creator

CG-6181 - GatorSurvey results do not currently go back for the Salesforce integration

CG-6153 - For Workbooks DataSync customers where preference data feed is enabled, preference fields not linked to mailing lists cause errors

CG-6067 - Two form submission "Lead" queue records created under certain conditions

CG-6101 - Change the Workbooks DataSync to support creating people records instead of leads to match the mail shot integration

CG-6073 - Click results no appearing in email design

CG-5950 - Campaign results overview UI not loading via Campaign Results URL

CG-5602 - Dynamic Date info help screen has incorrect information

CG-6175 - Group builder not working with US dates

CG-6043 - View In Browser on the Initiate screen inserts a test record with incorrect data.

CG-6057 - Contact Merge Fields not working within dynamic content block

CG-6026 - Add notes functionality back on to Campaign approval tool

CG-6188 - Gator error when trying to select a 'Lead Score Analysis' to copy

CG-6087 - Web Form not sending email notifications.

CG-6042 - Campaign pre-initiation check does not flag up incorrect sender address in quick campaign

CG-6180 - Event bookings on Events page erroring for some users

CG-5629 - Date formats different in different columns on activity reports

CG-6186 - Article Category Value tooltip sizing

CG-6108 - Dropdown business object attribute select values need to be trimmed when split to prevent spaces at the beginning or ends

CG-6095 - The use of Ampersands in CSV group titles cuts any additional text off after it

CG-6199 - Gator Smarform - 'single script' un-checks when click save

CG-6179 - Event booking complete screen doesn't work with event merge fields

CG-6177 - Email selection criteria not working

CG-6053 - PLP URL's erroring

CG-6190 - Traditional Survey Preview - unable to preview next page

CG-5937 - Creating a New LP via Campaign Setup LP tab causes blue screen error

CG-6112 - Email name titles are not wrapping in GM

CG-6032 - Not able to edit landing zone description once created or Creator designs description 

CG-6068 - Inbox checker icon on campaign list is not displaying correctly when checker is run

CG-6205 - Hidden event field still displays on booking form

CG-6083 - Preference fields on events cause errors

CG-6203 - Remove Inbox Checker warning from campaign initiate.

CG-6146 - Radio buttons do not display for csv import options

CG-6122 - Advanced details section seems to freeze.

CG-6183 - Blue screen error when creating Article Folder

CG-6204 - Blue Screen Error when viewing iframe web capture forms

CG-6048 - Update to datasync and integration to return group name when campaign is created in workbooks CRM

CG-6193 - Updating sbRegex to include domain

CG-6055 - Links in dynamic content blocks are not included when basing a workflow condition on web click

CG-6168 - The Gator Integration with GTW is not working

CG-6074 - Timeout and unresponsive web capture results

CG-6187 - Deliverability Graph - Expanded campaign resultsGraphDetails text cutoff at top of window

CG-6185 - Wording in copy Creator Campaign LP to GatorMail LP modal