GatorMail - v7.23.0 - May 2021

What's Enhanced:

CG-3021 - The ability to manipulate html of survey templates to allow for responsive design

CG-6389 - Updated the bounce manager logic to handle 3 consecutive bounces for marking contacts undeliverable, but reset the count to 0 when an email does not bounce

CG-6412 - New SDK endpoint to bulk delete contacts by email

CG-6429 - For Smart Forms allow clients to dynamically update dropdown options from JS API.

CG-6455 - For Smart Forms added a pre-submit event to Single Script JS API  that allows clients to alter field values just before submission

What's Fixed:

CG-6341 - Salesforce API deprecation

CG-6348 - Modals with toolbars in are overlapping the content

CG-6351 - Lead Scores being pulled through incorrectly

CG-6352 - Lead Score results pulling through bot clicks to score board

CG-6356 - Soft Deleted Contacts - History Deleted

CG-6357 - Event reminder emails do not support calendar links with disabled tracked links

CG-6361 - Anchor links in GM not working in text conversion

CG-6363 - Landing page url not automatically matching up with the chosen sending domain

CG-6364 - Activity report results showing incorrect data

CG-6365 - Campaign group changes not saving

CG-6367 - Japanese characters not populating contact records via API

CG-6370 - Error creating submit button in GM when no COI exists

CG-6377 - Calendar in smart forms not working correctly in Safari

CG-6381 - Unable to delete contact field

CG-6384 - Clicks in the Creative tab of campaign results not working

CG-6391 - Unable to edit initiated campaign emails due to apostrophes

CG-6397 - Warning appearing on Datasync mappings for NetSuite

CG-6400 - Single Script forms displaying mandatory messages and not submitting in Internet explorer

CG-6402 - Activities not showing on contact - mail subject length issue

CG-6410 - Manage times not being applied to campaigns brought over by microsoft dynamics

CG-6411 - MostRecentDate fields not being sent back via integrations

CG-6414 - Adding System Field 'isinactive' into available field mappings for Netsuite datasync

CG-6416 - ContactUpdatedDt not being updated when contact being updated via the API

CG-6423 - Change to DataSync+GetNextDataFeedQueueBatch to incorporate priorities

CG-6425 - Inbox check on gators failing due to callback URL on inboxcheck job

CG-6427 - Iframe Webform - Cant add submit button - telerik modal times out

CG-6428 - Error when exporting contacts that clicked on link 

CG-6432 - Smart Form submit rules not working if URL contains space

CG-6433 - Data sync failing due to a data type issue

CG-6434 - IntegrationQueue errors - EventBooking & CampaignName

CG-6437 - Lead score analysis showing incorrect data

CG-6438 - Datasync un-ticking 'New Lead' within Source Connector

CG-6440 - Event system events menu option visible when events system not enabled in license file

CG-6443 - Searching for contacts in campaign audience is case sensitive 

CG-6475 - Lead creation failing in Dynamics CRM