GatorMail - v7.22.0 - February 2021

What's New

CG-6230 - SSO Third Party Credential Management

What's Enhanced:

CG-6278 - Event Enhancement - Excel export needs better UI on select button

CG-6279 - Event Enhancement - Hyperlink to event details from booking management page and vice versa

CG-6280 - Event Enhancement - Confirmations options to be added to top of page

CG-6281 - Event Enhancement - Attaching confirmations subject line disappearing issue

CG-6282 - Event Enhancement - Enable Confirmation Opt In not to be selected by default

CG-6283 - Event Enhancement - Better UI on creating categories

CG-6285 - Event Enhancement - Inserting images into short/long description is difficult to use

CG-6286 - Event Enhancement - Ability to change the field label on the form like smart forms

What's Fixed:

CG-6330 - To review multiple integration store procedures using the instance time zone

CG-6354 - Confirmed Opt In forms - cannot style or hyperlink in text 

CG-6337 - Event error when currency value is not set

CG-6308 - Make CRM contact type field mandatory when a csv import is done in an integrated instance

CG-6333 - Campaign series does not show any results

CG-6374 - Add more domains to the business only regex

CG-6085 - Change sync mappings screen to display all existing related connector mappings but greyed out if they are not available in the current source data

CG-6346 - Remove unused script files and reduce size of LHM script

CG-6303 - Salesforce Integration timing out when getting schema

CG-6334 - Smart Form JS API - support ids as strings or throw error

CG-6321 - Preference fields do not automatically populate with default value when used with event booking form

CG-6306 - Basic HTML Form submission error

CG-6300 - Landing Zone Authentication not working

CG-6317 - Unable to create or edit default campaign time and day settings

CG-6295 - Folders not displaying items correctly

CG-6343 - Cannot export contact details from Contacts tab

CG-6328 - Mobile data doesn't display in activity reports.

CG-6290 - InboxCheck & SpamCheck changes to store distinct completed/failed state

CG-6329 - Campaign Calendar results not displaying .