GatorMail - v7.19.0 - June 2020

What's New:

CG-5948 - Updated the in-product menu to be vertical on the left side of the screen.

What's Enhanced:

CG-5901 - Updated Smart Forms to pre-populate if used in campaign landing pages.

CG-6082 - Various improvements to Smart Form results including a new export, better ordering, and other tweaks. 

CG-5995 - Updated the RunCampaigns sending domain functionality to allow multiple root business domain setups within a single instance.

CG-6020 - Expanded the functionality of the integration and DataSync frameworks and Workbooks connectors to support syncing the form data between GatorMail and Workbooks.

CG-6088 - Changes to the DataSync and campaign integration data feeds to send back UTM data for web form submission record types.

What's Fixed:

CG-5499 - Fixed issue with DataSyncs that could fail if you mapped the account entities more than once to different relationships

CG-5773 - Updated Netsuite DataSync to not bring across contacts with Null email addresses

CG-6024 - Email address validation not accepting apostrophes

CG-6008 - Adding Campaign to default submit rule in web forms causes Blue Screen 

CG-5987 - Issue with GatorAI graphs screen not loading

CG-5997 - Split test results recording full campaign results in the split test tab

CG-5978 - Adding bounceCount as a default workbooks datasync mapping

CG-5990 - Freezing when creating folders

CG-6023 - Campaign end date using GMT rather than instance timezone

CG-6065 - The tool tip message for time zone sending (Send Immediately When Hour In Time Zone Has Passed) is incorrect and should read UTC+ not UTC- in the example

CG-5981 - AI creates two groups after claiming it has failed

CG-5986 - Fixed issue with a campaign only sending to a portion of audience due to a timezone issue

CG-6013 - Exclude fields in the Workbooks schema which we don't support

CG-5967 - Contact Delete does not work for contacts with apostrophes in their email login

CG-5951 - Cannot edit split test emails from campaign email tab

CG-6018 - Added a smart form change to store the submitted value in the results regardless of the data management type selected.

CG-6058 - Survey Info not syncing back in to Spotler Workbooks

CG-5976 - Issue with copying a GatorCreator email to to GatorMail giving an initialisation warning

CG-6041 - RunCampaigns froze running but sending failures only due to instance temp folder image missing.

CG-6040 - GatorSurvey retakes not being marked as retakes in middleware

CG-5964 - Dashes being brought across from SF via data sync

CG-6006 - Contact screen - make emaillogin the default in dropdown

CG-5742 - The old reporting Analytics has been removed from the product

CG-5959 - Page URLs not working in Smart forms unless redirect is ticked on main page

CG-6012 - Issue with event system Booked and Attended dates being set the same for Workbooks integration

CG-5980 - Fixed display to show a contact as unsubscribed on the contact summary

CG-6019 - Apostrophes in email titles breaking initiated campaign warning when trying to access them

CG-5971 - Landing page clicks being shown with link type View in Browser

CG-5521 - Exposed the submission page for smart forms into the results and exports

CG-5958 - Negative counts in activity reports

CG-5965 - Updated the Activity report expected send calculation to correctly show when it should, and show n/a when not applicable

CG-6037 - 'Custom' type integrations are creating duplicate new lead records in the integration queue

CG-6015 - Issue with API method GetDataFeedBatch returning invalid data due to deleted contacts