June 2020 Top 3 Product Updates

Our monthly product updates always contain exciting new features or fixes for your issues and gripes. But, a lot of updates means a lot of information to relay and let's face it, most people don't want to read through pages of text.

So here are our Top 3 product updates for June which benefit you the most!

1) New Pop Up Forms

The long awaited Popup forms are finally here! You are now able to add one of our smart forms to your PopUp, fast-tracking your data-capture. We also have 2 more new types of PopUps for you to experiment with; Info & Custom. Info PopUps are informational only, like an alert, while Custom allows you to input coding to fit your own requirements. Please click here to view the full list of new PopUp types.

2) New Vertical Menu

We've updated the layout of GatorMail, GatorLeads and GatorWorkflow. Bringing in the the new left aligned toolbar creates a slicker, more friendly and easy to use interface which creates more editing space on the right for your creatives.

3) GatorCreator Interface update

The new Creator Interface has also been given a facelift! Keeping everything as modern as possible should aid in the usability of the software. Both the Test Centre and Image Manager have also been revamped, adding to the sleek user experience. Click Here to watch a Top Tips video using the new interface.