August/September 2019 Top 3 Product Updates

Our monthly product updates always contain exciting new features or fixes for your issues and gripes. But, a lot of updates means a lot of information to relay and let's face it, most people don't want to read through pages of text.

So here are our Top 3 product updates for August/September which benefit you the most!

Please Note: These three features as well as ticket fixes are being released on Monday 30th September, whilst some more exciting features are being released middle of October.



1) GatorLeads - Watches Management

One of our most exciting new features is Watches Management!

This new GatorLeads feature allows you to manage all of your set watches in one place. You can filter out via Company Name or the user they are assigned to.
You also have the ability to see the Company Details and mass set watches on any company, for any user.


2) Landing Pages - Custom CSS

In our Landing Page Editor we have now added the ability to use Custom CSS and CSS Classes on blocks! This allows you to achieve a higher level of customisation for your page such as button hover colours and animations.


Please Note: This feature is only to be used if you have an Advanced Knowledge of CSS and how it affects your page content. Using this without the appropriate knowledge may cause multiple design issues.

3) Deliverability Graphs

Deliverability Graphs are an essential new feature implemented under 'Reporting' which allows you to view key deliverability statistics related to your campaigns on one page.

You can choose to show stats per campaign, in a specific time frame, by domain, and by contact created. We've done all the hard work for you!