October 2020 GatorSurvey Updates

At Spotler we're constantly enhancing your marketing automation experience by making improvements from customer feedback.

Octobers' release is a GatorSurvey special! Below are details on the Top 3 Updates to the product.

1) Survey Select Screen

GatorSurvey has had a facelift! Following the recent GatorMail UI overhaul, we have followed suit with the GatorSurvey select screen to keep with the likeness. We have now added Folder Tree functionality, so that you can keep organised within the tool.

2) Performance Upgrades

We have completely upgraded the performance of GatorSurvey. It can now handle your multiple question types, pages and conditions without struggle. Get stuck in and put it to the test!

3) Publish & Export Notifications

We know it's a pain to have to wait for Exports to download, so we have corrected this for you. You can now continue working in GatorSurvey while waiting for your Exports to download. Don't worry, we'll send you a notification when it's ready!