October 2019 Top 3 Product Updates

Our monthly product updates always contain exciting new features or fixes for your issues and gripes. But, a lot of updates means a lot of information to relay and let's face it, most people don't want to read through pages of text.

So here are our Top 3 product updates for October which benefit you the most!

1) Public Landing Pages

Public Landing Pages have arrived to GatorMail! These new Landing Pages allow you to display your content on a URL for the public to visit.
They combine Landing Page customisations and Single Script Form Design to provide a fully interactive page.


2) Regional TimeZone Sending

TimeZone Sending is a new GatorMail feature. It allows you to set all campaigns to send according to the timezone of the audience member.
Instead of the campaign sending immediately once the start date and time has been reached, it will send so the time and date match that in a contacts timezone.


3) Campaign Calendar

Our Campaign Calendar has a new look! Now you can find all of your campaigns, when they are set for, and what their status is.