January 2019 Top 3 Product Updates

Our monthly product updates always contain exciting new features, or fixes for your issues and gripes! But a lot of updates means a lot of information to relay, and let's face it, most people don't want to read through pages of text.

So here are our Top 3 product updates for January which benefit you the most!

1. Gator AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Gator AI is our new tool which we hope will revolutionise your marketing efforts and increase customer engagement with your email campaigns.

Since October the Advanced Detailed Campaigns for all customers of a Static Campaign type have been put through the AI Engine to build predictive models based on the following:

  • The Audience
  • The Audience Click History
  • The Campaign Subject Line
  • The Email Content (Text and HTML)

 Through this collation and analysis of your past campaign data, AI will be able to predict your click through rate for any campaign, as well as showing you trends in engagement.


Do you want to know what AI does for you in more detail? Then please read the following article.
If you want to know how to use our AI, then please read the following article.

2. Gator Popup

Gator Popup is designed to help increase traffic to certain pages of your website, attract attention to areas of your product, and inform your customers.

With a multitude of design and content options, as well as target settings, you can create a popup for any situation. The product is easy to use and straightforward, so you won't spending lots of time creating one.


To learn more about GatorPopup, please read the following articles.

3. Updated Form Capture

We have now added functionality to pre-populate webform fields based on previous submits, without having to update the HTML.
You can do this via a new form settings tab called "Pre-populate".


Please Note: This is currently available for 'Form Web Capture' only.