December 2019 Top 3 Product Updates

Our monthly product updates always contain exciting new features or fixes for your issues and gripes. But, a lot of updates means a lot of information to relay and let's face it, most people don't want to read through pages of text.

So here are our Top 3 product updates for December which benefit you the most!

1) New Gator Social

The New Gator Social (in conjunction with Oktopost) was launched this month, offering a wider range of features. New features include the campaign calender and Advocacy, along with hugely increased reporting capabilities.

2) Updated Select Screens

The way you see Gator is changing! We have been updating our User Interfaces to make Gator clean, sharp, and easy to use. Here we have updated our select screens such as the Campaigns dashboard.

3) Pop Up Export Results

The much-awaited ability to be able to export your Pop Up results has arrived! You are now able to export these results to an Excel document, concurrent with other Gator products.