GatorMail Contact Delete: Right To Be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten (RTBF) function is available in GatorMail in the Audience/Contacts screen.

Delete Contact

The delete button gives you two options:

  1. Hard delete: which invokes a permanent delete of the contact and all campaign history for that contact will be lost. This conforms to the RTBF function which is explained further below for GDPR compliance. 

  If you have an integrated GatorLeads account this will cascade a Delete automatically so you will not need to do this twice.  

  1. Soft delete: this moves contacts to the recycle bin for 30 days before a hard delete removes the contact permanently. This allows you time to undelete the contact.

GDPR compliance:

For GDPR compliance: The RTBF function performs in two different ways depending on the unsubscribe / opt-out statement held against the record.

  1. If a record is held in CommuniGator with no opt-out or unsubscribe marker, it will, through the RTBF function, be deleted from the database. Any previous campaign activity will remain as campaign data but anonymous. If the data subject is reloaded to CommuniGator at a point after the RTBF is invoked, they will be added as a brand-new record.

  2. If a record is held in CommuniGator and has previously opted-out, then the primary data of the record will be removed similar to the above, however an encrypted record will remain that this email address has opted out and thus if reloaded will be auto opted-out when reloaded. Any previous campaign activity will remain as campaign data, but anonymous.