Smart Form Follow Up Campaigns

Creating a campaign off the back of a smart form is easy to do and will take but an hour of your time.
If you have a smart form used on multiple pages, you can use the submit rules to put contacts into groups or certain campaigns based on what they have filled out in the form.

To see how to do this then please read this article through.

Submit Rule Group Creation

One of the rules you can create puts contacts into audience groups based off of the information they provide in the form fields e.g. they select Cars as their interest so are put into a group with others who also input Cars as their interest. This allows you to use audience groups which are catered to your specific requirements.

  1. To create the rule select the 'Submit Rules' tab.
  2. Under 'New Submit Rule' select 'Field Data'.
  3. This will bring up another window. Select the 'Add to Group' tab.
  4. Select the field to base this rule upon e.g. 'Country'.
  5. Put in the data which would be input for this specific rule to work e.g. 'United Kingdom'
  6. Provide a description of said rule if you need to.
  7. Create a new group to add the submissions to, or add them to an existing group.



Submit Rule Add to Campaign

  1. Select the 'Add to Campaign' tab.
  2. Enter the 'Form Field' and 'Form Data' as required.
  3. Select a Campaign to add the submissions to.
  4. You can choose a merge field to display to those who joined said campaign from the webcapture.


Make sure that on the follow up campaign you use the right merge field references for the campaign content.

Please Note: The Campaign must be initiated before you can select it to be used in the submit rule.