Public Landing Pages (Beta)

Landing Pages have now gone public!

With our new public feature for landing pages, you can host your landing page on any public URL or media.
Read the following article, expanding the headings, to discover how to utilise this new feature.

Please Note: All data from Public Pages will be anonymous. For this reason, any features requiring knowledge of contact will not work. For example, tracked links will still go to their end location, but no data will be tracked as the user is anonymous.


You can create a Public Landing Page in the Drag & Drop Editor and our HTML editor!

To navigate to the dashboard select Tools -> Public Landing Pages.

  1. This is the folder tree. Here you can create new folders and organise your landing pages.
  2. Here you create a new PLP.
  3. This folder icon allows you to move any selected pages location.
  4. Clicking on this icon will open the filter option so you can choose to search by name.
  5. This icon will allow you to hide the folder tree.
  6. This is the name of the PLP. Clicking into the name will allow you to edit it.
  7. The description you provided will appear here.
  8. The URL pathway will be shown here. This is the pathway that you have designed.
  9. Total Views of the PLP will show and update here.
  10. Date and time of creation are logged here.
  11. The type of PLP is shown here. It can be a GatorCreator PLP or a GatorMail PLP.
  12. Status of the PLP is indicated here. It can be Published, Unpublished, or In Setup.
  13. There are three icons here: Preview, View Results, and Settings. Preview provides a preview of the PLP as it would appear Live, View Results allows you to see all the statistics related to your PLP, and Settings is where you can edit the URL pathway, the metadata, and more.
  14. The bin icon is for deleting a PLP. However, if you delete a PLP it is only deleting it from Gator. It still exists in the ether on the URL created.
  15. Clicking an alphabet letter will give you all PLP's starting with that letter.
  16. Total Views shows the combined views of all of your PLP's.


Please Note: All data from these forms will be anonymous, so any feature in Gator such as tracked links, will not show a contact name and email when being filled out.

Expand the sections below to see more information!

Creating your Landing Page
  1. Select whether to make a 'New Public Landing Page', 'Copy a Public Landing Page', or 'Copy a Campaign Landing Page'.
  2. Provide a 'Name' for the page
  3. Provide a 'Description' for the page
  4. Select whether to create the page in the Drag & Drop Editor or the HTML Editor.
  5. Once you have done the above click 'Create'
Design it

Create your landing page as usual.



Adding in Single Script Forms

A really nice feature we have included here is the option to add in Single Script Forms.

Click into any normal Text Box.

Select  the 'Single Script Smart Forms' dropdown. Here you will see all available forms you have created.

Please Note: You can also use this feature with image and text style combined blocks.

You will see it has inserted the form into the text portion of the block. You would create this as normal in the Smart Form section of the product, then you can apply further styling here.

To add this styling simply select Block Style then scroll to the bottom to find 'Smart Form Styling'. Here you can add a large variety of styling to the form to make it suit your brief.


Publishing your Page

To publish your page, click 'Publish' on the dashboard for your Page.


Page Details

  1. You need to add a Page Title. This displays as it would in a search engine. See the Meta Preview for a finalised look.
  2. The Meta Description will be something that draws in customers.
  3. You will see the above details in the Meta Preview here.
  4. Once the above are filled out, click 'Save & Next'.


Setting your URL

Here you will set up the Custom Path for your Landing Page and the domain it sits on.

  1. Select form the dropdown a Domain. This Domain will be visible to potential visitors and can be any that are linked to your account.
  2. Design the path for your Public Page. This can be anything you would like, but should be related to the page purpose.
  3. Here you will see the Preview URL as it will show to visitors.
  4. Click 'Save & Next' once you have completed the above.


Set UTM Values

Here you can insert any UTM values you wish the visitors to carry when visiting your Public Landing Page.


Final Preview

  1. Here is your final Public URL.
  2. You can use the 'Copy' button to share the link with others or review the content in any web browser.
  3. Here is the finalised Meta Preview.
  4. Once complete please select 'Save & Close'.
Page Results

Clicking into the graph icon next to your Page on the Dashboard will bring up results graphs.

Th above results show very little due to the lack of engagement, however once this is populated with data you will be able to see it in a very visually attractive format.