How to Create a MailTo Link

This article shows how to add a MailTo Link to your email, which will automatically launch a new email including the subject line and body text when clicked.

Please Note: Mailto links are not trackable in your campaign results.

Adding a Subject Line to your MailTo
  1. Add ?subject= followed by the subject line (e.g.
  2. As you can see when sending a test this populates the subject line.
Mail to Body Text
Mail to Body Text

The mail to body text is added after the subject line of the same link as shown in the screen shot above.
After the subject line type "&body=" then your message.
You are able to include spaces within the body text by adding %20 between each word. This results in the mail shown below.

Please Note: If you do not use a mailto link but leave the email address in the field, it will display blue in the sent email and reads as a link.