GatorLeads Export Centre

The ‘Export’ management screen allows all CSV/Excel exports in GatorLeads to now be centrally available and managed.  

For detailed help information on the export centre, please see main help article here, as this relates to GDPR help.

This allows

  1. Enhanced security:  an approval system is available for all admins to secure export only by named users. This needs to be set up.
  2. Export and forget: no need to wait while the export completes, you can now carry working in the application and you will receive an in app notification and email to say when the export has completed. Then go to the export management interface and have access to the completed CSV file.
  3. Audit: all exports are audited so a history is available or all downloads of data in your system.

So when exporting data through out the system then you will see the following likely actions that will drive you back to the export centre.