GDPR Features Breakdown

As planned in our 2018 1st Quarter Roadmap, we bring you a number of product changes to help support you in the new GDPR regulations coming May 2018.  

The GDPR features cover GatorMail, GatorLeads and GatorSurvey.

Below is where we keep our roadmap and all release notes.

Gator Road Map

What is delivered in this release:

  • Contact deletion: Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF)
  • Contact export: Subject Access Request (SAR)
  • Contact change audit
  • New export centre:  all exports from the system force approval and audit
  • Consent: Confirmed Opt In (COI), now supporting multiple consent fields
  • API endpoints to support both RTBF, SAR and COI

Important Notes

For GatorMail, if you request the right to be forgotten this will push on to GatorLeads and also request the RTBF. 

If you work ONLY in GatorMail or ONLY in GatorLeads, then both products allow you to request a right to be forgotten and also a subject access request. 

For GatorSurvey, there is a GDPR cleanse tool that allows you to search for any personally identifiable data to be deleted from your survey results across all surveys. 


COI has been available in GatorMail for 18 months, so this release enhances this so you can create multiple COI fields to cater for agency customers. To manage multiple COI fields, please speak to your account manager to have this enabled.