How to automatically send a campaign to someone that fills in a web capture form

The below article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a campaign that is triggered to send out from a submission of a web capture form.

To achieve this the following requirements will need to be met:

  • A Refresh Non-Recurring Campaign.
  • A group for the new prospects to be included into.
  • A live Web Capture form.

The below example shows how to create a campaign that is triggered to send by a web capture form submission:

Creating the Campaign

Go to your campaigns tab and add a new campaign.

  1. Set the Action Type for the campaign to be Refresh Non-Recurring.
  2. Make sure that the End Date is set far enough in the future so that the campaign remains live.

The rest of the Campaign will need to be setup as normal. (Entering the Alias, Reply-To, Attach the email etc)

Creating the Group
  1. Go to Audience -> Groups.
  2. Then select 'Add New Group'.
  3. Give your group a name. You can also include a description but it is not necessary.
  4. You also have the option to copy a group which already exists. This will be treated as a separate group from the original.
  5. Select 'Create New Group'.



Create a Rule to add Contacts

In order for this to be successful you would need to make sure you have at least one contact in the group, as failing to do so will prevent the campaign from being initiated.
This included contact is purely for the setup only, so we strongly advise including yourself or a colleague into the group. (You may need to add yourself as a contact within CommuniGator first).

  1. Click on Add Rule.
  2. Select Contact Rule.
  3. Add a Description.
  4. Select the Contact field ‘EmailLogin’.
  5. Next select the Operator to be 'Is Equal To'.
  6. Enter the contacts email address.  
  7. Click Add.

This rule has now been applied to the group in which the contact should now be added.

Please Note: You can use an existing group for this but the contacts within that group will receive the campaign once initiated. So we recommend building a new group (with one included contact) for the prospects to be included into when the web capture form has been submitted.

Initiating the Campaign

In order for the campaign to be triggered from the web capture form, the campaign will need to be initiated.
After you have reviewed the campaign details, added the audience and attached the email you are ready to initiate.

Please Note: The campaign will be sent to the included contacts within the group. This campaign will now remain live until the 'Close Date and Time' has been reached.
In the meantime any contacts that are included into the group will be sent the campaign automatically.

The Web Capture Form

First you need to have created your form using the table function and the Web Capture Control Button.

Then you need to select the space in the table you wish to insert your submission button.

  1. Select the WebCapture Submit Button to start creating the submission button.
  2. In the Editor select the campaign you created previously. This will enable the campaign to be sent to the contacts who fill out the web capture form.
  3. Select the Group you wish the contacts to be added in to.

Complete the set up and click 'Finish'.

The setup is now complete. When the Web Capture form is now submitted, the prospect is then added into the group and therefore sent the email from the campaign.

If you have any questions regarding this help article then please do not hesitate to contact: