How to create a text version of an email

In CommuniGator we have two versions of the email you create. A HTML version and a text version.
You may think it isn't necessary to create a text version of your email, especially as you may have just spent valuable time creating your HTML email. But your text email is just as important!
If the recipients mail client filters out HTML content for security then they will receive a text version of your email instead. If your text email hasn't been created then they will just receive a blank email, not good at all for engaging with your customers!

So it is best to create both HTML and Text versions of an email. Best of all, it is easy to do!

Finding the Text Tab

1. Once in your email, select the "Text" tab shown above.

Copying the HTML

  1. Once in the text email tab, click the icon shown above.
  2. This will convert your HTML email to a TEXT email.

Text Version Rules

In text versions of emails you will notice that multiple features cannot be used.
These will be explained below.

  1. Images: Images are not allowed in Text emails due to security risks. Email providers do not allow them to be displayed.
  2. Tracked Links: Any recipient who clicks a tracked link in the text email will be able to use the link. However, it will not be tracked.
  3. Unsubscribes/Opt Ins: As you can see in the example above, you can add opt ins and unsubscribes. They will not appear as a button, instead appearing as a link.
  4. Links: Any other form of link can be used as shown in the side bar.

Please Remember: Once your HTML has been copied over you need to tidy it up and format it so it does not appear to recipients as spam like.