How to change the style of an article block

This article will demonstrate how you can personalise your article blocks to meet your company's brand guidelines.

Select the Article Block

1. Left-click on the article block template in your design that you would like to edit.

2. Then click the insert article block button in the editor, this appears on the right-hand side.
   As soon as you click on the 'Insert Article Block' button it will allow you to edit the article style to meet your requirements.

Once you have selected the template you would like to use it will open up a new window.
Click on the 'Use Template' button.

Show Styles

After clicking use template it will display the template with the default colours.
You can edit the colours, font style and font size by clicking 'Show Style Options.'

Alter Styling

  1. Change Font - By clicking on the drop-down box you can change the font face.
  2. Modify Styles- If you click on the drop down box you will be presented with the option to use a previous design. This will save you time if you repeatedly use the same article block.
  3. Modified Styles Only - You can search by user-modified style - therefore if you had multiple users using the same article block but applying different styling, you can filter by your user profile.
  4. Font Colours - Allows you to change the font colour (Step 5 walks you through how to manually add a colour). The first colour is the title, the second colour is the main body text and the third colour option is for the 'Read More' link.
  5. Save Colours - By clicking 'Save Colours,' you can save your colour in the colour picker, meaning you won't have to repeatedly add the RGB/HEX values.
  6. Main Colours - The main colours mark the background of the article block.  The first colour option is for the main body background and the second colour signifies the border around the image.

    An important point to note is whether your email design is black (for example) and you would like the article block to match the same background colour, you will need to set the main colour as black.
  7. Font Sizes - The font sizes allows you to change the font size of the article. Please note this is measured in PTS and not PX. The first size represents the article title, the second is for the main body text and the third is for the read more link.
  8. Preview - As you make changes this area will display a preview of the article block you are editing.



Click on the drop-down box next to the colour that you wish to change - this will bring up a colour palette.
To add a custom colour, click on the RGB sliders.

Adding your Personal Colours

Adding your personal colours

After you have clicked on the RGB sliders you can either enter the HEX code or the RGB colour reference.
If you do not have the RGB or the HEX colour, you can add in the HSB or the HSV code.