Spam Check - Email

Everyone these days uses Spam Blocking Software to prevent what they deem to be junk mail. The spam blocking software will use key words or common junk email patterns in an email to determine whether an email is permissible or not.

The spam check will check an emails content to look for possible spam violations.

Once the email is complete, click on the Check Spam icon on the top tool bar.

Spam Checker Results

A brief synopsis will display underneath your email and states whether any common spam rules have been breached.

For example, the word 'free' is commonly found in spam email. This is highlighted by the Spam Checker. It is a word we recommend you replacing.

Please Note: The spam check acts as a guide, it is not a definitive rule as to what will definitely be marked as spam. Different organisations will have different rules that they will apply to emails. It does not strictly matter if you correct all matched rules because not all recipients check the contents of the email. However, to ensure maximum deliverability we do advise you word the content carefully to not match any rules.