How to Create a Follow Up Campaign

It is possible to schedule a follow up email to be sent from the system automatically. The follow up is usually set up at the same time as the campaign.

Attaching a Follow Up

  1. Click on the Follow Up tab within the campaign.
  2. Give the Follow Up a name.
  3. Hit Attach Follow Up.
  4. Once the Follow up has been attached click 'Manage' to bring up the details.

Selecting a Follow Up Criteria

1. Give the follow up an appropriate name and add a description.

2. Here you can change the 'Active Status' on or off by toggling the button.

3. Choose the timings you would like to have:

  • Send without delay can only be used when an action is carried out not when an action is not carried out.
  • Selecting a timing will schedule the follow up to go out x amount of time after the email has been sent if the action is not carried out or x amount of time after the action occurs if the action is carried out.

4. Select the Action Options: no action ignores the rule all together so if all options are set to no action, no follow up will be sent. By default the rules work on an AND basis however you can tick to use OR.

For example, if you wish to send a follow up to the contacts that have not opened then you would select Email not opened and leave the rest to No Action.

5. You can either send the same campaign again (with or without a new subject line) or you can send a different campaign. If you are sending a different campaign then the different campaign must be set up as a follow up and be initiated.


Please Note: You can have multiple follow up activities on a campaign, but they will only be sent once, and cannot be used in any other campaign.