HTML Editor Menu Icons

Along the top of the Email Editor are the Content Buttons, all of which enable you to personalise your email extensively.

The function of each button will be explained in this article.

Content Buttons (Top Line)

  1. Toggle Full Screen Mode (F11) - This allows you to switch between full screen mode and normal screen mode.
  2. Save - this allows you to save your work when in full screen mode.
  3. Spell Check - checks the spelling within the text of your email.
  4. Spam Check - this checks the text of your email for words or phrases that are often deemed as spam.
  5. Print (CTRL+P) - click this to print a copy of your email.
  6. Find & Replace (CTRL+F) - allows you to find & replace words within the text of your email.
  7. Cut
  8. Copy
  9. Paste from Word
  10. Paste from word and strip font
  11. Paste Plain Text
  12. Paste as HTML
  13. Format Stripper
  14. Undo (CTRL+Z)
  15. Redo (CTRL+Y)
  16. Image Manager (CTRL+G)
  17. Image Map Editor
  18. Embed Image - This secures the image into your email so recipients don't have to download it.
  19. Content Image
  20. Hyperlink Manager (CTRL+K) - This will allow you to add hyperlinks and tracked links.
  21. Remove Link (CTRL+SHIFT+K)
  22. These are your Bold, Italics, and Underline.
  23. Here you can choose how to align the text.
  24. Outdent & Indent.
  25. Here you can choose numbered or point bullet points.



Content Buttons (Middle Line)

  1. Foreground Colour
  2. Background Colour
  3. Colour Converter - This allows you to convert hex values to dec codes and vice versa so you can maintain your brand design easily.
  4. Strike-through - This places a line through your text to appear as if you have crossed it out.
  5. Subscript
  6. Superscript
  7. New Paragraph
  8. Insert Table
  9. Show/Hide Border - This will show or hide a border in a table, image or paragraph of text.
  10. Insert Form Element - Selecting this will enable you to insert specific elements such as forms, buttons, check-boxes and more.
  11. Insert Symbol
  12. Insert iFrame -The iframe is used to add a link to a landing zone, survey or web site to a page.
  13. Font Type
  14. Size
  15. Font Size
  16. Paragraph Style - This allows you to make a paragraph different types of heading, menu, list etc.
  17. Custom Links - This allows you to insert person links, merge fields, events links, and e-learning survey links.
  18. DocType - This allows you to change the  HTML or XML being used for the document.
  19. Quick Style  - This allows you to set underline on the text and URL's.
  20. Zoom
  21. Module Manager - This allows you to set certain tools to appear on the screen e.g. Real Time HTML view puts the html tab on the page with the normal text editor.
  22. Style Editor - This opens up the HTML editor into a separate widow where you can view the HTML itself and the text alongside each other.