Inserting a Landing Page Link

A link to a Landing Page is created much in the same way as a link to a website.
For the HTML editor this is done by highlighting text or an image then creating a link. For the Text Editor you simply need to place your cursor in the position for the link.

  1. Highlight the text you wish to link to your Landing Page.
  2. Click on the Insert Landing Page Link icon on the right hand side of the editor.

Selecting a Reference Number

Selecting a Reference Number

A window will pop up prompting a reference number for the Landing Page.
Typically, the link to the first Landing Page will be numbered "1" and all subsequent links to other Landing Pages as links 2,3,4 etc...
You should only use the same number within the same design if you want more than one link to the same Landing Page.
You will also be able to select a Lead Score category if you are using this functionality.

Please Note: At this stage, the specific Landing Page that each reference will link to is not determined. Landing Pages and emails are mutually exclusive in the creation stage. They are effectively unaware of each others existence. The "Campaign" will determine how the link reference numbers and Landing Pages identify one another.