Campaign Role Filter

Role Campaign is a simple piece of functionality to control the campaigns available for a role in the system. This functionality is effectively replaced by the results url option in the campaign results. The idea is you have a requirement to create a product user login, that can access only certain campaigns, therefore not seeing everything in the system.

Please note on premise customers can set this up themselves, for hosted customers please contact your Account Manager.

This can be done for a single campaign, or many. You would need to first create a role for this purpose, for example "Campaign X", or "Sales Campaigns". This is done under Manage Roles. Then user/s must be created where their assigned role is set to the one just created. Finally you need to use the role campaign function, selecting the appropriate role, and then choose what campaigns are available.

Note, a user without any role campaign filtering can see all campaigns in the system. The moment a role is configured to have a role campaign filter, only those campaigns can be seen by the role.

Warning: Do not add a role campaign filter to a standard system role as this is likely to effect all users in the system.

This functionality is not designed to work without complete manual intervention after the campaign has been created. A user with the "Admin" role must add each campaign to the Role Campaign section as required. Only then will the filtered role here see the new campaign.