Using Sender Address Dynamics

Using Sender & Reply To email address dynamics allows you to populate the addresses with an existing contact field.

This feature is useful if you want multiple people to be the sender address e.g. Account Managers.
In the example of Account Managers, Gator will look at the contact the email is being sent to and search for a field in their contact record called Account Manager.

This makes your emails even more personalised.

Setting your Email Dynamic

1. Select the "Detail" tab within your email campaign.

2. Select "Show Advanced Options". This will expand the page, showing a vast array of advanced options. This is what you need to expand to show the Sender & Reply To address dynamics.

3. These are the Sender and Reply To addresses. BUT they are not dynamic. If you set these and don't use dynamic address then it will use this information as the send and reply to. If you set dynamic address then these will be overridden unless no data exists in the contact field, in which case these are used as the backup.

Show Advanced Options

Under Advanced Details you will see the options highlighted on the right hand side. These are where you set your dynamic email addresses.

1. The Sender Alias Dynamic sets the Alias for the sender via a contact field. Here we have chosen Account Manager. This will be the name that appears on the top of the email.

2. This is where you set the Sender E-mail Address Dynamic. This will be the email address the recipient sees as the sender. In this example we have used account manager email as we want the email to be from the recipients account manager.

3. This is where you set the Reply E-mail Address Dynamic. This address is what the recipient will reply to.

Please Note: The addresses you use must match the sending and reply to domains you have set up in order for them to send and receive emails. If you have multiple domains make sure you select the correct one.

Remember to test that these addresses pull through the correct information before sending! To do this send yourself a test email as normal, but make sure that on your own contact record the field you are using as the sender and reply to is filled in, otherwise nothing will pull across.

Here we can see that the Account Manager name has been pulled through and displays on the email as the Sender Address.