Campaign Archive

Display a list of your past campaigns by creating a campaign list block in your Landing Pages!

Creating the Landing Page

1. First create a Landing Page.

2. Select the Campaign Archive Icon (Purple clock as seen above).


3. Give the Campaign Archive block a name.

4. Select the folder in which campaigns should be pulled from for the archive list.

5. Select if you want the list to display as number of months or number of campaigns.

6. Then select the number of how many should display.


Attaching to a Campaign

Create a campaign as you usually would, and create an email which directs recipients to the Landing Page you created above.

Make sure to set the Landing Page reference to the correct number!


Attach the Landing Page to your campaign.

Without any design input the Landing Page Campaign Archive will appear as shown above.
With Design input it will show as below.

Creation Summary

- Create a CommuniGator HTML editor Landing Page

- Select the last option button on the right menu (clock with back arrow purple colour)

- Select the folder you want to get a campaign from (only initated campaigns will be displayed.)

- Select the number of months or number of campaigns options

- Set the number of options to 10.

- Attach the Landing Page to a campaign with an email that has a Landing Page reference URL

- Send the campaign

- Select the LZ link


The list should generate with the campaign names, dates, and subject lines.