Campaign - Inbox Checker

The inbox checker is a very useful tool to have as it shows you what the email will look like in different email clients, as well as providing you with a spam analysis and preview of the subject line.

Every client will have the inbox checker tab. However, some clients may only have the basic inbox checker, which will display 2 results, others will have the advanced inbox which will display a lot more results. If you have the basic inbox checker.

If you would like to try the advanced version, please contact your account manager who can discuss getting this functionality added for you.

Inbox Checker Dashboard

  1. Click here to initiate a new inbox check.
  2. This displays the date & time the inbox check was initiated.
  3. This displays the date & time the inbox check was completed.
  4. This displays the number of email checks that have been returned.
  5. This displays the number of spam checks that have been returned (Advanced Inbox Checker ONLY)
  6. The contact that was used to generated the email. This is used to populate sections of the email such as custom links or dynamic content which are generated for each user. 
  7. Current State shows if the check has finished or still running.
  8. Clicking refresh updates the page.

Inbox Checker Initiation

Select the contact you wish to mimic sending to, and decide whether you will send a HTML check or Text check.

Then select 'Start' to run the Inbox Checker.

Inbox Checker Results

Once the inbox checker has has finished, you can view the results by clicking on the name of the inbox check.

  1. This is the name of the inbox check- Click here to see the results of the check. ( if campaign initiated, states when last inbox checker was run)
  2. Date initiated- This is the time that the inbox checker started.
  3. Date Completed- This provides you with the time the inbox checker finished.
  4. Email Results- This is how many different email clients you are able to view results for
  5. Spam Filter Results- How many spam filters it has checked.
  6. Associated contact- If you are using dynamic content it will pull through the fields that the associated contact meets.
  7. Current state- When this has a green tick the inbox checker has finished. If the inbox checker has a green tick, but the email results are 39 of 41 for example, this means the inbox checker was not able to retrieve the results for those inbox checks.
  8. Refresh- if the inbox checker is not displaying any results, ensure you click the refresh results button. After starting the check, you will not see any results until you refresh the page.
  9. Delete- This deletes the Inbox Checker Test


Email Screen Shots

When clicking on the name of the inbox checker it will take you through to the Email Screen shots which allows you to view what your email looks like in 41 different email clients.

You have the option to click on the inbox check that you are interested in, which will take you to a preview of the whole email instead of the preview at top of the email (see step below)

Email Screen Shots part 2

By clicking on the thumbnail images in the screens overview, you can generate a preview of the entire email. The screenshot above is what you will see. 

  1. This takes you to the inbox checker tab within the campaign to view the results.
  2. This refreshes the results.
  3. This will provide you with a results URL to send others.
  4. Back to screens overview- This will take you back to the overview which is the screen that displays what the email looks like in different email clients.
  5. Previous- this will take you back to the previous email client to preview your email
  6. Next- This will take you to the next email client to preview what your email looks like.
  7. By clicking on the dropdown box you can select the email client that you would like to see how your email displays
  8. Show Preview Pane- You can select whether you would like to see the preview pain or not
  9. Display Images- If you select this button the images will disappear from the email, this is useful as some email clients will not download the images automatically, particularly Microsoft Outlook.

Spam Filter Scores

By clicking on the Spam Filter Scores option you will be able to see if the email email has passed the spam filter test.
This does not guarantee that it will pass through the spam filter, but it provides you with excellent guidelines.
If it fails on a particular spam filter it will provide you with an explanation.