Campaign - Send Test

You can use this tab to send test emails of your campaign to ensure the content is as you want it.

Sending a campaign test

  1. Select the option to send an individual test or to send to a group of contacts.
  2. This is the contact that is being mimicked within the test email, so any personalisation within the email will be as if this contact had received the email.
  3. This is the email address that test will be sent to.
  4. Select whether to send both the HTML & Text version or just HTML or Text.
  5. Tick this is you wish to prefix the subject line with preview. This is useful as you can identify that it is a test email.
  6. Select whether you want Send Forensics enabled. This creates a report for your email in Send Forensics.
  7. Click to send the test. A confirmation message will appear below the button once the test has been sent.
  8. Click here to view all test results for the campaign.
  9. Click here to view the email in your browser.
  10. Click here to check the spam score of the email.
  11. Click here to see the Send Forensics report results.

We have a Send Test Centre included within GatorCreator.

To learn more about this function, please read the following article.