Export Options

Within Communigator you have multiple options on how to export data, whether this is campaign data, OptOut numbers, and more.

This article will take you through the different export options we provide to you.

Contact Export

Here you can export a contacts data into an Excel File.

As this is personal information, make sure make the file secure if passing it on to colleagues.


Group Export

In the Group itself you have the option to export Included Contacts into an Excel File.

Confirmation Opt In

Under Tools -> Confirmation Opt In, you can export all confirmation opt in records.

Smart Form Web Capture Results

Click into the form results, and the above screen will appear.

Clicking on the Excel File icon will cause an export to start processing of that figure.



Select "Export Unsubscribe Events (All Unsubscribes)" to do an export of all the unsubscribes from all different unsubscribe form you have.
To do an individual unsubscribe, select the unsubscribe event you wish to do the export on.


Campaign Exports

You can do a large variety of campaign exports, which are based on results statistics such as Bounces, Sent-Opened, and more.