Welcome to GatorWorkflow!

Welcome to GatorWorkflow, our Drag & Drop editor you can use to plan, build, and review intricate workflows that react to audience interactions.

Once you have read this brief intro article we recommend browsing our collection of Workflow Help Articles that take you through each stage of creation in more detail.

What is GatorWorkflow?

Gator Workflow is a simple drag and drop editor that allows you to create links between email campaigns and audience groups within Gator.

It allows you to:

  • Manage sending of multiple different emails
  • Send to varying audience groups
  • Create a journey for members to travel along
  • Create a journey quickly and efficiently
  • Save time creating numerous rules for individual groups
  • Create long term flows for long term campaigns
  • Have an easy to follow visual guide for your campaign activity

Why use GatorWorkflow?

  • You may find you have several email campaigns you wish to send to different audience groups depending on different conditions. Usually you would create these in GatorMail, but you don't want to have to create group after group depending on your conditions e.g. have they opened, have they clicked, etc.  

With Workflow you don't have to spend your time creating group after group or fiddling around with rules and multiple emails. Workflow lets you create a journey for an audience to travel along, moving along different points when certain conditions are met.

For example, you send an audience group an email, a condition is set up telling Workflow to move those who have opened the email along a positive path, and those who didn't open get sent along a separate path. Now your audience group has split, and journey along different paths, being sent different follow up emails and exiting at different stages.

  • Workflow also provides you with the ability to save and store values for contacts depending on how a member fills in a form or submits any personal information. For example, a user may be presented with different choices of sports newsletter in an email to choose from. If they click on a certain type, then a field in their contact record is populated with information regarding that choice such as their preferred sport.