Getting Started with Workflow

Example Workflow

The Workflow tool allows for simple and complex campaign workflows to be created by using drag and drop items from the Workflow menu.

  1. Workflow menu - Items are dragged from here onto the canvas.
  2. The canvas is the main working area where workflows are created.
  3. There are multiples stages within a workflow in order to build a communication and action path.

The Menu

The Menu
  1. This area shows the name of a saved workflow
  2. Zoom into the canvas
  3. Zoom out of the canvas
  4. Workflow details (Name, Notes and test email address)
  5. Save
  6. Change the workflow mode (Design, Test or Live)
  7. Select all workflow stages on the canvas
  8. Delete selected stage(s) 

Stage Types and Stages

Stage Types and Stages

The Workflow menu is made up of three stage types to identify members, send communications and deal with decisions and data.  Clicking on each of these types will open the stage type menu.

Every Workflow requires at least one Audience entry point and at least one Exit point.