Using the PURL Function

Thanks to personalised URLs (or PURLs for short), you can now serve cookies through the one-to-one emails which you send personally, as well as the emails you send through Spotler. This allows you to track the web activity of these contacts on your website.

A PURL is a URL which carries the identity of the person you are wishing to track. When the target contact at a specific company clicks on the PURL, this will serve a cookie and associate this contact's email with the IP address they clicked from. This means you can track that person's activity on your website through their IP.



Finding the PURL Function

  1. Select Tools -> PURL -> Create


Creating the PURL

  1. Enter the Website URL you wish to direct the user to.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to cookie with the PURL.
  3. Enter the Campaign Name that they will be added to.
  4. Tick this box to make an alert send to yourself when the PURL is used.


When testing the PURL function for the first time, DO NOT send it to yourself and test it. This will cookie yourself and the contact it was intended for will appear as yourself.




You can put this link in to any email (ideally hyperlinking it behind another word or phrase) to the intended recipient and when they click on this link they will be cookied.

If you wish to customise this link you can put it through


To find the list of your historic PURLS, go to Tools > PURL > History.