Creating and adding a Custom Template

As with our HTML Email Editor, you can create and use templates for your Creator emails!

This article will take you through how to do so.

Please Note: You must have the correct role in order to create templates and emails.

Template Creation

1. Hover over the 'Templates' tab, then select 'Email Templates'.


2. Select 'Create New' or click on the name of an existing one to edit. This will open up another screen as shown above.

3. Select 'GatorCreator' and give your template the desired name.

4. Click 'Create'. This will take you to the Creator Editor.



Selecting the template for your Campaign Email

1. Select 'New Email' in the 'Email' tab, then select 'GatorCreator'.

2. Enter the relevant details in the screen above.



You will be taken to this screen in which you have the tab 'Custom Templates'.

Selecting the blue 'Select' button shown above will allow you to use that template.


This screen is where you choose which template to use for your email, regardless of whether it is in a Quick Campaign or Traditional Campaign.