GatorMail - v7.30.0 - April 2023


What's Fixed:

GM-6196 - Datasync sync-processor issue

GM-6176 Prevent the deletion of Workflow attached campaigns and groups

GM-6142 - Audience Selection Criteria

GM-6127 - Campaign Calendar Not Showing All Campaigns

GM-6126 - Static campaign batch sending failed (due to RSS Email being enabled)

GM-6122 - Clicks on client instance processing very slowly

GM-6114 - Campaign status being set to Live in the campaign results screen when campaign close date has been pushed forward post reaching previous close date

GM-6103 - Action when unsubscribe click is detected as a bot (optout recaptcha)

GM-6056 - Links created by contact field data do not work if a '/' is included

GM-6028 - Attaching a new email design to split test design A prevents you from doing this in design B

GM-6027 - Subject line included as field when creating new split test email but is not used

GM-6008 - Send to a friend issues

GM-5938 - Unable to click on the spyglass icon within event templates to preview the email template

GM-5935 - RSS feed campaign attachment Issue

GM-5924 - PLP unable to track some data

GM-5881 - The word dynamic is in the wrong place when setting dynamic sender alias, sender email address and reply reply address. Should come before sender alias, sender and reply email address in the sender details area in the new campaign screen UI

GM-5801 - article blocks in email not attached to RSS campaign but still initiated