Alternative Solutions to GatorMail Smart Forms

The ideal solution for your Website Forms is to make use of the Smart Form functionality offered within the GatorMail Application.

By using Smart Forms you gain access to benefits such as:

  • Submission Rules - Allows automatic email sending, adding to groups, notifications, and more...
  • GatorMail Contact Creation - Immediate creation of Contact.
  • Spotler Landing Pages - Add your Spotler forms directly on your landing zone pages allowing pre-population and update of existing Contact records allowing easy profile enrichment.
  • GatorLeads Integration - Automatic cookie-drop of individual to track website engagement directly within GatorLeads.
  • Submission Reporting In-product form reporting comprising of submissions data & UTM tracking.
  • CRM Integrations Allows passing back of submission data to Contact/Lead entities and possible record creation.

Understandably, migrating form provider isn't something which isn’t always immediately achievable due to other external systems or dependencies. This doesn’t mean you have to lose out on all the benefits which Smart Forms provide.

The following outlines 2 methods which can be used together or independently to provide similar functionality.


Gator Leads Cookie Drop

If you have GatorLeads deployed on the same page where your form is located, you can mimic the Smart Form Cookie-Drop functionality and ensure GatorLeads knows exactly who the person is.

Details of implementation can be found in the following guide: Contact Tracking Guide


GatorMail API Submission

After a successful submission, it would be ideal for this Contact to be automatically created inside GatorMail for immediate use in your Marketing Campaigns. You can make use of the GatorMail API to Create/Update the submission Contact, and even trigger a campaign to be sent right away.

Details of the GatorMail API can be found here: 

Please Note - You will need to contact your Account Manager before accessing the API.


If you have any questions or require any support with any of the above implementation methods, please contact our Support Team or your Account Manager.