Personalisation For The Wrong Contact In A Reply

When a contact replies to an email that contains a salutation or personalisation, you may see it has displayed differently to expected.

For example, you may be sending to Joe Bloggs, and they’ve replied to your email, but in the thread attached to the reply, you can see the email contains ‘Hi Jane!’.

When this happens, it’s usually because the email they’ve replied to was actually sent to a colleague. This could be because they share an inbox, or they’ve been forwarded the email, as may happen if the recipient was out of office.

To check this, look for an unsubscribe or preference centre link in the email you sent them through Spotler.

Each unsubscribe link is personal to the contact you sent to. Click this link – if you do not have a preference centre, our default unsubscribe page will appear with a censored version of the email that was sent to. You can use this to cross reference your contacts.

If the censored email is j**e@e*******m, search your contacts using the wildcard ‘%’: j%e@e%m. Note the number of asterisks in the censored email is the same as the number of characters in the email address, so in this case you’d find

If you have a preference centre, this may show the full email address depending on your specific setup.

Just be sure not to click through the confirmation link after accessing the unsubscribe or preference centre, as this will unsubscribe your contact! If you have done this accidentally, please contact us at